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Restore the Beauty and Function of Your Teeth with Crowns and Bridges

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While crowns and bridges are considered cosmetic dentistry due to their ability to enhance the beauty of your teeth, they are also restorative as they dramatically improve the function of your smile

Offering Solutions for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Crowns fit snugly over your existing teeth or a dental implant, and are an ideal restoration for anyone with a weakened tooth structure, like a cracked tooth or a large filling, for example. Bridges replace missing teeth. With either of these effective restorations, the appearance of your smile will be improved, you will be able to chew properly and you will feel much better about yourself, too.

The Benefits of Crowns The Benefits of Bridges

Healthier, Gorgeous Smiles with Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Jonathan Titus is an experienced dentist with expertise in cosmetic dentistry. He has trained specifically in the preparation and placement of CEREC® same day crowns, attending coursework for four levels of mastery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Titus to learn how a crown or bridge can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

To see how a new crown or bridge from Dr. Titus can make a difference in your smile, visit our before and after video testimonials from real patients.

Learn about our new technology the Sirona Galileos Cone Beam CT

Dr. Titus has invested in this technology to see more of your teeth and surrounding structure as it relates to your dental anatomy. Traditional dental x-rays are cumbersome and may cause a gagging reflex. 3D scans are much more comfortable, much less invasive, and provide a more relaxed and enjoyable treatment experience. Read more about this new technology Dr. Titus offers here!

Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges Crowns and Bridges