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Discover How You Can Have New Crowns, Veneers or a Bridge in a Single Visit

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If you have ever gotten a traditional crown, you know that the process can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. It usually takes three visits over the course of several weeks. You have to have goopy impressions that leave a bad taste in your mouth and wear temporary crowns that can look and feel unnatural.

Transformation Has Never Been So Convenient

Often, the temporary crowns become loose because the cement is not made to adhere permanently. This results in yet another visit to the dentist. This process is very similar when getting dental bridges and porcelain veneers. With CEREC® technology, however, you can avoid all of this. Dr. Jonathan Titus utilizes CEREC® technology to design and place crowns, bridges and veneers in a single visit to the dentist.

How CEREC® Delivers a Natural Looking Restoration in Less Time

Experience and Training Are Critical to a Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Restoration

For a smile transformation that is more comfortable and more convenient, call our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Titus. Dr. Titus has the experience and training you need in a CEREC® dentist. He has completed four levels of CEREC® training in order to provide you with high quality crowns, veneers and bridges.

To see the results Dr. Titus has achieved for our patients, check out our real-life before and after photos.

Learn about our new technology the Sirona Galileos Cone Beam CT

Dr. Titus has invested in this technology to see more of your teeth and surrounding structure as it relates to your dental anatomy. Traditional dental x-rays are cumbersome and may cause a gagging reflex. 3D scans are much more comfortable, much less invasive, and provide a more relaxed and enjoyable treatment experience. Read more about this new technology Dr. Titus offers here!